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Don’t know where this is from. It’s just plain cool! Want to get in the robot~


The information below is what I have gathered from any available and applicable Alice series media. I tried to stick strictly to the information specific to their dating habits but a few traits cross over into other areas, and some traits that are a consistent part of their nature are not mentioned here. Since the characters don’t often mention why they act in certain ways, I can’t help but base this off of how I interpret the Jokers’ behavior. Though I can assure you that I base everything I believe about them off of a thorough study of everything related to the character.

I’m going to put this under a ‘read more’ so I can add things if I find it necessary. People are welcome to mention anything I might have missed so I can add it. Also feel free to ask me questions if you are looking for something specific that isn’t here. As long as there is an answer in the Alice series, I can probably answer it (and add it to the list).

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Artist: QuinRose

Track: "Track 1 Snippet"

Plays: 581 plays

Art by Fujimaru Mamenosuke
Scanned from the White X Silver Anthology

Is Ace trying to copy joker here?!?! Love this art~!

congrats on your beautiful face, asshole  >//////////////////<

I love ace’s face here~!!! It is a smile you don’t see often, because he doesn’t smile like this normally. Wish I knew what is happening here~

"Double Loss Meets a Dragon Boat"
Recent illustration for a Globe & Mail story written by a woman who lost a young son to cancer, battled breast cancer herself, and refound her joy through dragon boat racing. A really touching story that you can read here:

Love  seeing the joy in her face and the perspective of the dragon boat~!

Tech-Free WeekendClient: Today’s Parent
An illustration I did for this month’s Today’s Parent Magazine about experiencing (and surviving) a family weekend without electronics!

I am wanting to be a graphic designer in the future. Do you want to know why? It is because of art like this that grabs my attention and continues to impress me. If I become even remotely good as this, I could be happy with that. It has details in one spot and simple in another. They also conveyed the message of distance from electronics by making a distinct line between the people and the plugs.

New logo and branding for Ice Cream Makers @gingerscomfort Ginger’s Comfort Emporium

This is a cool logo. It is simple, yet gets my attention~ The name is interesting too. Checked out the link and it is an ice cream van! I want to go here!!! :D
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